Social Media Influencer

Finally, you have found the job most people on dream about.
Be part of the NotNodi Challenge.
This is a global challenge for experienced and aspiring social influencers. 

NotNodi is a new brand preparing for a global social campaign and a product launch.

As part of this campaign we are recruiting people who have have the desire to travel, take amazing photos/videos and inspire others to follow them.

We can help you break into that elusive social influencer career and enjoy a lifestyle whilst others continue to dream.

If you are creative, passionate about life and want to be part of something big, this could be the opportunity you are looking for.
We will be inviting people from around the world to participate in the NotNodi challenge commencing on New Years Eve, Jan 2020.

You will be required to complete a new mission every three (3) days involving the creation of a digital photo/video which conveys a specific theme in a unique and interesting way.

There are five (5) award categories for the best overall, most successful, best photo, best video and a sponsors award. Regardless of how many followers you hve today, everyone has the chance to win in one of these categories.

The aim of the NotNodi challenge, and every professional influencer, is to inspire and attract as many followers as you can, and demonstrate you can influence your audience.
All participants will have the opportunity to gain experience, discover their creative talent, increase their following and be part of a global product launch and crowdfunding project.
Successful applicants will receive an email invitation to participate.
Create an amazing life for yourself, and inspire others to follow you.
Apply today by sending an email to