Our Story

NotNodi® is not just another travel pillow.


It offers a completely new approach to posture correction, allowing for easy breathing, improved sleep, and reduced muscle and mental fatigue. Inspired by Nicole Halsall (founder) experience in the medical field and her own journey with neck pain, she sought to create a product that provides natural support to the head and neck during sleep.

The idea for NotNodi® was sparked by Nicole's husband, Scott, who frequently traveled for work pre-pandemic. Tired of uncomfortable flights and makeshift pillow solutions, he provided valuable input on what the ideal travel pillow should offer: freedom from head nodding, natural support for long flights, a non-ridiculous appearance, and compactness for easy carry-on storage.

With these core health concerns in mind, the team dedicated their time during lockdowns to refine the design and extensively test prototypes. The result is a travel pillow that promotes a healthier travel experience, addressing issues such as lack of support, head nodding, muscle strain, and overheating caused by traditional neck braces.

After 18 months of fine-tuning, NotNodi® emerged as the most unique travel pillow on the market. Its design offers unparalleled support, comfort, and stability in the upright position. The discreet appearance makes it almost invisible to fellow passengers, and its compact size fulfills the demands of light travelers.

Nicole acknowledges the competitive travel pillow market but firmly believes that NotNodi® stands apart. 

Traditional pillows often fail to secure the head and provide natural positioning, cause breathing difficulties, generate heat, and are inconvenient to carry. NotNodi® addresses these shortcomings and has gained the endorsement of registered health practitioner Adam McCarthy, who praises its comfort and practicality in preventing unnecessary neck pain.

We have already delivered thousands of product across 60 countries and around the world and getting wonderful feedback which strengthens our belief that we will revolutionize travel worldwide by providing exceptional comfort and support, prioritizing your well-being throughout your journey.


Our journey was made possible with the support of organizations like Ansett Aviation Training, Alliance Airlines, and Swinburne University.