How does NotNodi® stop sideways movement?

  • However, when you tilt to one side, NotNodi® ensures that your head remains centered. Although you might experience a slight inclination towards one side, it is hardly noticeable to someone observing you. It is beneficial to have some gentle movement for better blood circulation and comfort. The more rigid the headband or eye mask, the stronger the resistance against tilting sideways.

Does NotNodi® work well with tall and shorter people?

  • To accommodate individuals with shorter torsos, the strap should not go beyond the lumbar region. If the strap is too long, it can be folded back and reattached to itself to shorten its length. Similarly, the headband or eye mask can be adjusted to fit both small children and large adults. As long as the neck pillow makes contact with the seat, it will offer the required support for your head and neck. The headband or eye mask will ensure that your head remains in a natural posture.

Why is NotNodi® a safer and healthier alternative to other travel pillows.

  • Not only does this design avoid any discomfort or restrictions on your circulation or airways, but it also prevents overheating that can occur with neck-wrapping pillows. The crucial safety feature relates to how it keeps your head in place without attaching it to the seat headrest. This means that during turbulence or sudden vehicle stoppage, your head will move naturally with your body. If your back moves away from the seat, your head will be immediately released and free to move. In contrast, other popular travel pillows that rely on attaching your head to the seat pose a risk of spinal injury, which we strongly believe should be avoided.
Can I wear a NotNodi® Eye Mask instead of a Headband?