How does the NotNodi® travel pillow actually work?

1. How does it hold your head from falling forward & sideways?


  • The headband and backstrap work together to hold your head from falling forward taking over the role of your neck & back muscles, which provides relief.
  • Your head and neck fully are supported as the neck pillow molds into the contours of your neck and supports the base of your head. See pic below.
  • Notnodi offers the most natural way to support your head & neck in a balanced posture. Most other travel pillows attempt to hold your head up by supporting under your chin which is unnatural and may negatively impact your health.
  • The headband connects to the neck pillow & stabilizing strap which provides a firm hold as it is sandwiched between your back and the back rest.
  • The flexibility of the neoprene stabilizing strap and the elasticity of the headband allow some slight movement depending on how you much you adjust the headband tension. Refer to instruction guide for headband adjustment.
  • Most tension headaches and neck pain starts with your back muscles between your shoulders and up to the point where the muscle connects to the back of the skull. Without Notnodi® these muscles are always working to support your head which leads to fatigue.
  • When you are on the go, in-flight, on a train or taking a road trip, it helps to use your Notnodi® travel pillow even when you don't intend to sleep, just to relieve the stress on your back and neck.
  • Not only does the Notnodi® travel pillow provide full support where you need it, and there is nothing around your neck, so there is no impact on your breathing, blood circulation or body temperature, so while you are sleeping your body is not stressed, so you will arrive refreshed even on short trips where you don't wish to sleep.
What about the sideways movement?
    • When you tilt to one side, Notnodi® ensures that your head remains centered. Although you might experience a slight inclination towards one side, it is hardly noticeable to someone observing you.
    • The more rigid the headband or eye mask, the stronger the resistance against tilting sideways.
    • It is beneficial to have some gentle movement for better blood circulation and comfort.

WARNING: The Notnodi® travel pillow is intended for passengers only. Do not use it when you are driving or operating a vehicle as there is a very high risk of falling asleep.

    Does it work well with tall and shorter people?

    • To accommodate individuals with shorter torsos, the strap should not go beyond the lumbar region. If the strap is too long, it can be folded back and reattached to itself to shorten its length.
    • Similarly, the headband or eye mask can be adjusted to fit both small children and large adults.
    • As long as the neck pillow makes contact with the seat, it will offer the required support for your head and neck.
    • The headband or eye mask (when attached to the pillow) will ensure that your head remains in a natural posture.

    Why is it a safer and healthier alternative to other travel pillows?

    • Not only does this design avoid any discomfort or restrictions on your circulation or airways, but it also prevents overheating that can occur with neck-wrapping pillows.
    • The crucial safety feature relates to how it keeps your head in place without attaching it to the seat headrest. This means that during turbulence or sudden vehicle stoppage, your head will move naturally with your body. If your back moves away from the seat, your head will be immediately released and free to move. In contrast, other popular travel pillows that rely on attaching your head to the seat pose a risk of spinal injury, which we strongly believe should be avoided.

    Can I wear an Eye Mask instead of a Headband?

    • The eye mask can be fitted in the same manner as the headband, in fact you can even attach a sports cap if you prefer. When fitted correctly to the pillow, the eye mask is very effective for holding your head in the same way as a fitted headband, and it is really comfortable. Please take time to read the instruction guide as follows: how to use your NotNodi®.

    What about those of us who have a Short Neck or a Long Neck?

    • Because the NotNodi® travel pillow does not wrap around your neck the length of your neck has no affect on its function. It can be effectively used by people of all shapes and sizes.

    My spine doesn't make good contact with the seat. Will it still work for me?

    • The stabilizing strap is a key element and is secured when you lean back on the seat. If your spine does not make good contact then the stabilizing strap can be folded and re-attached to itself which makes it twice as thick. If there is still space between your back and the seat when you lean back then you can fold something like a sock into the stabilizing strap to provide extra thickness. This should then allow the back strap to be secured and therefore provide an anchor mechanism for holding your head.

    I don't like wearing headbands, it's just not the look I want. Are there any other options?

    • Of course, a key feature of the NotNodi® travel pillow is the ability to style it your own way. Instead of a headband you can fit a Bandana or a Sports Cap.
    • When fitting a Sports Cap, instead of using the velcro adjustment method as described in the instructions, simply pass the flap (at the top of the pillow) through the gap in the back of the Cap (where it has the size adjustment) and re-attach the flap behind the pillow which will provide more than sufficient hold for your head. The flap was designed for fitting Caps and the stitching has been load tested to 20kg so more than enough to secure your head.
    • If you prefer the comfort offered by a headband but do want to change the look to suit your style, then you can wear a sports cap over the headband or perhaps a scarf or vintage style flat cap. If it's cold then perhaps a 'Beanie' (soft woolen brimless cap). 

    What if I don't believe it can deliver on all the claims?

    • It truly is an amazing product and we can assure you it does deliver on everything we have promised. The only way to truly satisfy yourself is to try the product and if for any reason you don't fall in love with it, then please just tell us why then simply return it.
    • RISK FREE PURCHASE GUARANTEE. If you don't love your Notnodi travel pillow, then return it within 180 days of purchase and we will provide a Full Refund including all Shipping Costs.
    • Please take time to read the instructions and test it out before traveling so you are familiar with how it works, how to adjust the strap length and headband tension, and roll it up for portability. And don't forget the secret pocket for storing your spare headband or ear buds.
    • Notnodi is not just a pillow.

    If you have any other questions please reach out in the Chat on this website or email info@notnodi.com. We will respond to every message, however please understand if the reply is delayed it may be due to the time zone or a peak in demand.

    Rest well. Arrive refreshed.