Designed in Australia. International patent-pending PCT/AU2021/050619.

"NotNodi® is the latest & most advanced travel pillow technology"

It's all about You.

Your comfort, health, safety & style.

  • Sleep in comfort with your head and neck resting on a memory-foam pillow 
  • Sleep safely without anything around your neck to create a fear of choking, overheating, difficulty in breathing, or restricting your blood circulation
  • Sleep healthy in a natural & balanced posture, eliminating stress & fatigue by holding your head from falling forward or sideways

Nothing around your neck.

Your head is held up and fully supported by our memory foam pillow without anything wrapped around your neck.

  • No overheating or choking
  • No attachment to the headrest to compromise to your safety
  • Free to move. Just lean forward and you are free to turn your head, talk to others, eat & drink then lean back and return to sleep.
  • Fully adjustable length for people who are tall with long necks or too short to use a seat headrest.
  • Large or small head size is no issue with our unique tension adjustment.

Ultra compact & light-weight

  • Only 350g (just over 12 ounces)
  • 18cm long x 8cm diameter (7in x 3in) when rolled-up

Roll-up & go.

Small enough to carry in your hand or attach it to your backpack or slip over the handle of your roller bag.

Now that's convenient.

No need to intrude on your precious luggage space.

Slip it over the handle on your roller bag, securely attach to your backpack or carry it in your hand.

Our unique Light Pen and Stylus is always handy when traveling.

Wear headphones without interference.

Wearing noise-cancelling headphones is no longer a problem with nothing around your neck to cause interference.

Add an Eye Mask and you are magically transported to another world!

Style it your way.

Finally, a travel pillow, so versatile you can style it yourself.

Fit your own favorite:

  • Headband
  • Sports Cap
  • Bandana

and adjust the tension for your comfort.


  • NotNodi® Branded Caps
  • a new range of headband styles

Send us a message and tell us what you would like to see added to our product range. If we adopt your suggestion then we will send you a free sample.

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