Designed in Australia. International patent-pending PCT/AU2021/050619.

"NotNodi® is the latest & most advanced travel pillow technology"

Nothing around your neck.

Notnodi® is the only travel pillow which delivers on every one of these promises.

Holds your head & supports your neck in correct posture.

  • No choking sensation
  • No risk of over-heating
  • No attachment to the seat &
  • No added risk to your health or safety

Easily adjust the backstrap length to suit your height, and the headband tension to suit your head size.

Just lean forward and you are free to move, turn and to talk to the person next to you, eat or drink and just lean back to resume sleeping.

So how does it work?

The headband, the pillow and the backstrap are all connected.

Simply adjust the headband for comfort and shorten the backstrap to suit your height.


The backstrap is sandwiched between your back and the back of the chair. It will not move until you lean forward again so you are then free to move.

The headband holds your head against the neck pillow which stops your head from falling forward, and stabilizes your spine and muscles.

The headband holds you from tilting too far either side. It does allow some flex to help circulation and ensure your muscles remain supple.

Your back, shoulder and neck muscles can now relax as your head is fully supported in perfect balanced posture.

Are you ready to experience healthy sleep, sitting upright as a passenger on a flight, a train or long road trip?

Frequently Asked Questions

It's all about You.

Your comfort, health, safety & style.

  • Sleep in comfort with your head and neck resting on a memory-foam pillow 
  • Sleep safely without anything around your neck to create a fear of choking, overheating, difficulty in breathing, or restricting your blood circulation
  • Sleep healthy in a natural & balanced posture, eliminating stress & fatigue by holding your head from falling forward or sideways

Style it your way.

Don't like the headband look?

You can fit these instead of our headband options

  • Our 3D Eye Mask for 100% Block-Out
  • Your favorite Sports Cap
  • Your preferred headband color and style

Our patent-pending design enables you to adjust the tension of your favorite headband or sports cap to maximize your comfort.

Or you can wear our headband and just wear a cap or a hoodie over the top to change the look.

Fit your own Cap

Prefer to sleep with a Hoodie?

If eye masks aren't your thing, but you still like to block out the world.

Put on your Notnodi® travel pillow, then simply slip your hoodie over the top.

No-one will know you are using a travel pillow.

Enjoy your sound without interference.

Wearing noise-cancelling headphones is no longer a problem with nothing around your neck to rub on the headphones and cause interference.

Ultra compact & light-weight.


  • Pillow: 350g (12oz)
  • Headband: 30-50g (1-1.7oz)
  • Dimensions: 18 x 8cm (7 x 3in) when rolled-up

Roll-up & go.

Slip over the handle of your roller bag, attach it to your backpack or carry it in your hand.

Now that's convenient.

No need to intrude on your precious luggage space.

Slip it over the handle on your roller bag, securely attach to your backpack or carry it in your hand.

Our unique Light Pen and Stylus is always handy when traveling.