Are you up for the challenge?

The NotNodi Challenge

NotNodi is currently recruiting people from around the world who aspire to work professionally as a Social Influencer. As part of this challenge you will be given 14 different assignments to create a digital product (photo or video) to convey a specific message according to a variety of different themes. These will be called missions. As part of completing your missions, you will learn how to create unique and interesting images to inspire people to follow you. You will also learn how to drive positive commercial outcomes for your clients.

There will be Five (5) Awards offered in total. Award Winners will receive a financial reward where the value is dependent on the success of the overall project.

The NotNodi Challenge will officially commence on New Years Eve, Dec 31, 2019 and run for 42 days, ending on on Feb 11, 2020.

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How To Enter

You will need;

a camera/smartphone which can take good quality images and/or videos.
a Facebook account and be ready to engage your network through this platform
the passion to inspire people, a creative mind and the desire to succeed.

Applications will close on Mon Dec 23, 2019.

Entries are limited.

Register your interest by sending an email to with a brief BIO on yourself and a link to your social media account on Instagram or Facebook.

Successful applicants will be invited to join a private “Friends of NotNodi” Group where you will receive instructions in advance of each mission.

How does the competition work?

The NotNodichallenge will be conducted in 2 phases;

Phase 1: The social campaign (21 days from New Years Eve, Dec 31, 2019 until 21 Jan, 2020)
Phase 2: The crowdfunding project (21 days from Jan 22-Feb 11)

The objective of the Challenge is to stimulate curiosity around the NotNodi brand and capture the imagination of people around the world, leading up to the official launch of the NotNodi the Crowdfunding Project.

 The success of the crowdfunding project will enable the commercialisation of the NotNodi product

The details of the NotNodi product will not be revealed until Phase 2.

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Rewards & Recognition

A percentage (2.5%) of the total funding achieved through the NotNodi Crowdfunding project will be allocated equally across the five (5) categories;

Best Overall Social Influencer
most aligned to the NotNodi brand with a strong following who also achieved a positive commercial outcome

The winner of this award will be offered a 12 month contract as an Ambassador for the NotNodi product.

Most successful Social Influencer
the influencer with the most followers who achieved the best commercial outcome

Most popular digital photo
achieved the most likes for an individual photo

Most popular digital video
achieved the most likes for an individual video

Encouragement Award
the participant who most passionately embraced the spirit of the challenge evidenced by their creativity and the loyalty of their followers as determined by the NotNodi Digital and Social Marketing team and our Partners.

Each of the Award winners will be recognised and celebrated as key contributors on the NotNodi website with a professional profile and reciprocal links to their individual page.

The NotNodi CEO will provide a letter of acknowledgement to all participants for thier contribution to the success of the campaign which can be used as a professional reference for future prospective clients.

So what is the NotNodi product?

NotNodi is a registered trademark.
It is a travel accessory product which will change the way people travel, and most importantly how they arrive. Refreshed.

And no, it is not a travel pillow.

The sleek design addresses the core issues relating to passenger comfort without restricting your freedom or intruding on your personal space.

The key objective is maintaining your natural posture and balance by providing support precisely where you need it, for short and long haul flights.

NotNodi has international patent protection and Australian Design Registration.

NotNodi will be fully revealed as part of our official product launch on, Jan 22, 2020.

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What we are hoping to achieve through crowdfunding?

To bring an exciting new product to market to make air travel more enjoyable, so when people arrive at their destination they are well rested and ready to get on with life

A successful crowdfunding campaign will enable us to;

i. Reward our social media contributors (Awards for our most successful influencers)
ii. Reward our digital media production and marketing teams
iii. Perform independent product testing to refine the design features and the overall look and feel
iv. Finalise sourcing of all components and ensure effective quality assurance in product manufacture
v. Manufacture and distribute the product to our crowdfunding backers
vi.Build stock for shipment to Amazon warehouses in the major regions; Asia, Europe, and USA.
vii. Cover the legal costs involved in protecting the design
viii. Invest in future design improvements