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NotNodi® travel pillow - TWIN Pack + FREE Shipping

NotNodi® travel pillow - TWIN Pack + FREE Shipping

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Package includes:

1. NotNodi® travel pillow (x2)
2. Wide Black Headband (x2)


Fall in love with your NotNodi® travel pillow or return it for a full refund.

NotNodi® is the latest & most advanced travel pillow technology that actually delivers on its promises.

Enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world since 2022!

International patent pending PCT/AU2021/050619

It's all about you and your comfort, health, safety, & style.

  • Sleep in a natural & balanced posture to eliminate stress & fatigue by holding your head from falling forward or sideways
  • Sleep in comfort with your head and neck supported on a memory-foam pillow 
  • Sleep healthy without anything around your neck and avoid that feeling of choking, overheating or restricting your blood circulation
  • Sleep safely with NO attachment to the headrest and nothing around your neck
  • Ultra compact & light-weight for portable convenience
  • Quality perforated Neoprene is breathable, hypo-allergenic, ultra durable, UV stabilized, water & heat resistant
  • Style it your way by swapping our headband with your own, or fitting our 3D Eye Mask, or your favorite sports Cap as an alternative
  • Easy to clean, pack and go with detachable headband for minimal washing. Nothing around your neck or under your chin, or mouth, allows you to eat & drink with no risk of soiling the pillow. 

"Rest well. Arrive refreshed."


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Excellent customer service!

So impressed with the amazing speed of response and the personal touch within the responses received! The level of attention to detail in emailing customers speaks volumes about the team, company, and their mission. Can’t speak higher of them!! Thank you!!

Kerri KM
Can't wait to use it!

So glad to have found what I hope will be my perfect travel pillow, great quality and can't wait to use it next month

Chris Gibson
The whole family wants one

I feel I need to update my last review. I got a Notnodi for my kids who are flying internationally this year, and my parents, who regularly take multi-hour train trips. After seeing them in action, now my siblings want one. All it takes is seeing someone else use it to want one!

Feeling well rested after a long flight is a novel feeling!

I used this once before deciding to get one for each family member. My parents tell me they're just as good to use on trains, and my kids found them brilliant on their first long haul flight.

brodie vanderlinden
Awesome product!!

I just came home from a europe trip with some friends and i tell you what, the notnodi saved me on the long flights! 26 hours of straight travelling is alot easier when you dont wake up with a sore neck and when you get a good sleep, the eyemask is also fantastic for those flights where they leave the lights on and you need to block it out, honestly a great product, highly recommend!