Our Intellectual Property

Our design represents the most significant advancement in travel pillow technology since NASA introduced Memory Foam in 1966. NotNodi® is a registered trademark, and we have intellectual property protection under international patent pending (PCT/AU2021/050619) in Australia, US, China, UK, EU, UAE and Singapore.

NotNodi® offers an elegant solution to the challenges passengers face when trying to sleep in an upright position where the opportunity to recline is restricted whilst travelling by Air, Road, Rail or Sea.

Most importantly, NotNodi® doesn't need any connection to the seat or headrest. When there's turbulence during a flight or sudden vehicle stoppage, as your back moves away from the seat and releases pressure on the stabilizing strap, your head won't be restrained anymore. This helps prevent additional risks to your health and safety.

The key to our patent pending design is the unique backstrap mechanism which provides an anchor to support the head and neck in a natural and correct posture, alleviating stress and neck pain whilst sleeping in an upright position.

Beware of Copycats

We value our customers and have invested significantly in creating exceptional products. We are committed to safeguarding our intellectual property and will take strong measures to protect it. We rely on your help to identify any imitations. If you are the first to notice a copycat, please email us at info@notnodi.com with the details, and we will gladly reward you for your assistance. Together, we will continue to innovate and enhance our products to ensure an outstanding travel experience.