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NotNodi® travel pillow

NotNodi® travel pillow

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Package includes:

1. NotNodi® travel pillow
2. Wide Black Headband (with silicon strip)

plus FREE Shipping with parcel tracking.


Fall in love with your NotNodi® travel pillow or return it for a full refund.

NotNodi® is the latest & most advanced travel pillow technology that actually delivers on its promises.

Enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world since 2022!

International patent pending PCT/AU2021/050619

It's all about you and your comfort, health, safety, & style.

  • Sleep in a natural & balanced posture to eliminate stress & fatigue by holding your head from falling forward or sideways
  • Sleep in comfort with your head and neck supported on a memory-foam pillow 
  • Sleep healthy without anything around your neck and avoid that feeling of choking, overheating or restricting your blood circulation
  • Sleep safely with NO attachment to the headrest and nothing around your neck
  • Ultra compact & light-weight for portable convenience
  • Quality perforated Neoprene is breathable, hypo-allergenic, ultra durable, UV stabilized, water & heat resistant
  • Style it your way by swapping our headband with your own, or fitting our 3D Eye Mask, or your favorite sports Cap as an alternative
  • Easy to clean, pack and go with detachable headband for minimal washing. Nothing around your neck or under your chin, or mouth, allows you to eat & drink with no risk of soiling the pillow. 

"Rest well. Arrive refreshed."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Excellent addition to my travel stuff. Everything is compact and solid.

john klimowicz
Really, really works

I have Apnea and this keeps my neck erect. I'm actually able to sleep sitting up comfortably without using CPAP if needed. Quality material. Convenient storage in luggage.

Thanks John. I am so pleased to hear Notnodi is working well for you.

Best I’ve tried

I had a long trip to Australia, so I bought the NotNodi value bundle with eyemask, lighted pen 🖊️ and an extra headband. I was impressed! The pillow let me get a few hours sleep and I didn’t wake up by nodding or falling sideways! My FAVORITE is the eye mask: I’ve had lots of eye masks in the past and THIS one is the best! Slim, lightweight, and so comfortable you almost don’t know you’re wearing it! It conforms well on your face to block out all light and it has just enough cushion around your eyes to keep your eyelashes from touching the mask! How did they do that!?!?

My least favorite was the lighted pen. Great idea for filling out custom forms or playing crosswords etc on a dark plane, but mine broke straight away. (Sigh) it is a good idea.

Other than that, both headbands are great, And choosing one is just a matter of preference. If you’re really on a long-haul, and want to try to get some sleep in coach… This to me is your best option! Cheers!!

Welcome to Australia & Thank you for your review. I am pleased you were able to sleep with your Notnodi and yes, the Eye Mask is very popular. We sold out recently but these are thankfully back in stock. I am sorry to hear your pen failed. However, I have just now dispatched a replacement Pen for you plus an EXTRA one FREE for taking the time to write this review. Please also note on the instructions page on our website provides instructions for battery replacement as they are a little complex to assemble. For other customers who may be reading this we LOVE REVIEWS and would be happy to reward you with a FREE PEN in return for taking the time to write a review.

Penny Davies
Only travel pillow you will ever need!

After trying many, many other travel pillows. of all shapes and sizes, I decided to give this one a go. It doesn't look as though it should work...but it just does! It is the most comfortable travel pillow ever; no sweating around your neck and you head is kept in a perfect position so that you don't get any neck stiffness or pain.
I also ordered the eye mask, pen and ear plugs. Eye Mask - very padded and comfortable; a lot thicker than any other eye mask and it doesn't put pressure on the eyes themselves. Light pen and stylus - excellent! Using the overhead light to complete an arrivals card on the tray table, always casts a shadow over the very section you are trying to complete. By using the light on the pen, you can clearly see the section you are completing which avoids the need to try to hold your phone torch and write at the same time! The Ear Plugs - I have strange shaped ear canals and cannot find ear plugs to suit, until now. They are great, not only on the plane, but for sailing, public transport etc etc.
My items were delivered two days after ordering, from an Australian supplier and I am extremely happy with everything and cannot recommend the NotNodi products enough. A fantastic invention and one I wish I had come across years ago.

Thank you Penny. We love feedback and really do appreciate it when our customer take the time to write a review. People are so often surprised at just how well the product works. It's quite magical really. Thanks again & happy travels.

Mary Jo S
Best yet

I haven't traveled with the notnodi yet but I tried it out watching TV. I fell sound asleep and woke up without any pain in my neck at all. If if works this well on an airplane I'll be thrilled.

Hi Mary Jo, that's great to hear. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!!