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We have already provided our travel pillow to thousands of customers in over 60 countries, and the feedback has been fantastic. This reinforces our belief that we are transforming travel on a global scale by offering exceptional comfort and support while prioritizing your well-being throughout your journey. Please take a few moments to review some 'un-edited' comments from real customers below.

This. Product. Just. Works. [Jeff | Iowa USA]

I cannot sleep sitting up ever, anywhere. During my first, fresh out-of-the-box test drive: I fell asleep in my office chair. This. Product. Just. Works.

Thanks for the great product. [Cindy | Texas USA]

I haven't gotten to take my vacation yet, but I have used this at my workplace. I work overnights at the hospital. This has made a huge and positive impact on me during the downtime at work. My neck isn't sore anymore and I'm able to get a power nap in! Thanks for the great product.

Really blown away, thanks again. [Shawn | Ontario CANADA]

I just had the first chance to use NotNodi on my flight across Canada. It was better than I had expected!  I've never been able to sleep on a plane, even the longer 12-13 hour flights. No matter how tired I would get, I just couldn't sleep sitting in the seat. Not with NotNodi! I was able to sleep without any issues and it was extremely comfortable. Really blown away, thanks again.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! [Sonya | New York USA]

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! NotNodi works EXACTLY the way you want it to. Best. Travel. Pillow. Ever!

NotNodi is an amazing product. [Marcus |AUSTRIA]

NotNodi is an amazing product. The production is of very high quality. The design and the concept of NotNodi works perfectly. I cant wait to get the final test on my next long haul light.

I think my quest for the ultimate travel pillow may be complete [Ron | Phoenix AZ USA]

Hmmm... I think my quest for the ultimate travel pillow may be complete. I'll try in flight in a few weeks, but here in my chair the clever design seems perfect. I find that it not only keeps my head up and neck straight, but it resists side-to-side movement. Unlike other pillows I've tried, I think I'll be able to wear headphones, too! Nice job, Nicole!

Got my NotNodi this week, love it. [Paddy | Newcastle UK]

Got my NotNodi this week, love it. I’ve tried numerous types over the years and you, Nicole, have beaten every other one by a country mile. Well done on such an innovative solution, every other type tried to catch a falling head where you have stopped it falling in the first place… and I can wear my headphones. Thanks again and we’ll done!

Extremely comfortable and able to keep my head up [Quark | Washington USA]

I've had the chance to use this on a long roadtrip, and it worked really well! Even with all of the inertial changes of starting/stopping in the car, notnodi was extremely comfortable and able to keep my head up, and stop my head from bobbing up and down, and side to side. There is a slight learning curve on how to position it, but once you've figured it out it's really easy! I always have issues getting good sleep on planes. I have no trouble falling asleep, but am always restless and going in and out of sleep because of the head bobbing. I'm confident with how this performed in the car, that the notnodi will improve my sleep on planes even through turbulence, and is definitely a packing necessity for me! Congratulations to the team for a successful kickstarter, and a great product!

This is what travel pillows are supposed to be! [Dave | Arizona USA]

I’m a road warrior - on the road 30-40 weeks a year. I have never been able to sleep on a flight before. My head bouncing as I fall asleep would wake me into that uncomfortable position between wanting to sleep and not being able. Last week, I used my NotNodi for the first time on a flight that departed late. I was exhausted and unrolled the pillow and set it up per the video instructions. Three hours later I woke up as they prepared the cabin for landing. THANK YOU - not only was I refreshed, but I was safer driving after arriving at the airport having slept for a few hours on the plane. Something that never happened before. This is a game changer and fits nicely over the straps on my carry on, so it’s always there if I need it. This is what travel pillows are supposed to be!

We’ve certainly put these wonderful little pillows to the test! [Kat | Virginia USA]

We’ve certainly put these wonderful little pillows to the test!  I’m a traveling performer and regularly commute 8 hrs each way to get to and from the gig, and we have to hit the ground ready to roll…which means resting en route is a big deal. I’ma very small person, and most traditional travel pillows fit me really awkwardly and I’m never totally convinced it’s helping at all, so I was very excited to try out the not nodi! I was genuinely amazed by the experience of using it. I realized at one point that I could actually concentrate on relaxing my neck muscles *without dropping my head*! This is HUUUUUGE for me; as an acrobat taking care of-and crucially, relaxing-the muscles in every part of my body is a necessity. Arriving at gigs with a stuff and sore neck and then having to perform is actually downright dangerous…so finding something that will prevent that feels revolutionary or like a dream. As if that wasn’t enough of a test, I also really put the not nodi through the ringer with a recent family road trip. I bought five of them and equipped my husband and three kiddos with them as well. We drove cross the country (I’m in the US, so that’s…a lot of territory) and did not stop at hotels while doing so, opting instead to switch off and drive through The night. Absolutely everyone got some actual sleep in turn because of this ridiculously helpful pillow, and was able To face the new day with energy and excitement! Everyone loved them, even my fellow mermaids were extremely curious and want to get some of their own… (Erm, that sounds odd…for context I am a professional mermaid. Yes, I know that’s freaking weird. Yes, I love my job.) all in all it’s been a huge hit! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! Be well, all!!

It’s an absolute MUST for traveling [Caitlin | Fort Smith CANADA]

So excited to finally leave my review now that me, my mother, and my brother have tried the NotNodi. My brother was the first to take a trip (8 hour road trip for dental work), so he broke it in for me. He said, “It was very comfy, and worked really well.” (He’s thinking about getting his own now!) My mother hasn’t gone on a trip (yet), so she tried it at home on the recliner. She has both a cochlear implant and a hearing aide, so I was a bit worried about how she’d do with it (I did ask a question during the campaign about it too). I’m very pleased to say that it worked wonderfully! The headband she used was comfortable, and it didn’t impact the use of the CI processor or hearing aide. She did have to remove it carefully though, because the CI processor can fall off easily. So for anyone who has a hearing aide or CI, just be really cautious with putting it on and removing the NotNodi. As for myself, I first used it on the recliner when I received it…and subsequently fell asleep for two hours (whoops!). I then used it a couple of weeks later for a road trip, and I freaking loved it! So comfortable and no sore neck/back like I usually got with traditional pillows. Not to mention, the pen is AMAZING. As a nurse who loves collecting pens, the NotNodi pen is my favourite. I cannot bring it to work though (since it might get stolen), so I keep it with the NotNodi for travel purposes only. I unfortunately forgot to bring the NotNodi on my current road trip, and had to use a stuffed unicorn for a pillow. It sadly had no magical properties to prevent me from having a sore neck. But I will get to use the NotNodi on an upcoming 14+ hour road trip, and I can’t wait to show it off to the coworker I’m traveling with. Thank you again for this amazing product. It’s an absolute MUST for traveling, and I look forward to supporting your future projects.

The most unique and useful type and I've already started telling my colleagues and family [Gill M | New Zealand]

Wow- what a Kickstarter project :) I am more than happy with my NotNodi. While I haven't used it flying, I do use it as a passenger in the car. I have a neck injury, so if I slump over I get extra sore. But since I have been using my NotNodi I haven't had any problems. I find it best to put on, then wriggle a bit in the car seat so I can get everything in the right place then I am magically transported to wherever we going (I assume the NotNodi has a transporter function that magically instantaneously takes me to where I need to go!). Top tip: Don't wear makeup, it'll rub off on the band. I have also use it as a neck support while lying flat, which is very comfortable. The materials are soft, the build quality is high and I recommend it. BEST TRAVEL PILLOW IN THE WORLD

The most unique and useful type and I've already started telling my colleagues and family [Erin | South Carolina USA]

I spend many days a week, most weeks of the year, in planes or cars. The road warrior life....I've tried every type of neck pillow and sleeping device. This is the most unique and useful type and I've already started telling my colleagues and family about this "pillow". When I received it and got it set up. I tried it in my sofa just to see how it fit. 20+ minutes later I woke up, despite not actually sitting down to take a nap, it's that good! Its super useful for anywhere we need to sleep without laying down. Or even when focused on keeping head up to prevent neck strain while looking at devices/reading. There is minimal side to side bend, but I am looking forward to upcoming side supports. I will also reread the setup instructions,as I may have gotten it a little wrong, but it's working for me either way! I don't carry my items open to air, (aka dirt and coffee spills and whatever else) so I've found my own little carrying bag I can strap onto outside of my luggage, but I hope they come up with a branded one soon as it's nice to advertise for companies I like when I'm on the go. As someone over 6' tall. I could also use a slightly longer lumbar strap, especially if I was going to attach a lumbar support. Right now the strap reaches more like the bottom of my thoracic region. Not truly lumbar, but does still keep my head planter where it is supposed to be. Excited to see what further options this company comes up with!

Worked great sleeping upright in airport terminal. [Coleen | Arkansas USA]

Tried out on a 1 day flight with 2 red-eye flights. Worked great sleeping upright in airport terminal. I was a little challenged with the video setup, will rewatch it when we setup my husband's. I did not roll up, as my day travel backpack had lots of room to toss in. I did notice with the NotNodi in place (without head band) it provided nice support while reading on the plane. For sleep mode, after band was on head; I would push pillow down while tilting head back, then tug back strap down removing any slack. This would lock everything in place. First time sleeping upright while traveling, both in airport and on plane (without twisting and messing up neck for days). I had the band going over my Bose headphones without any issue. A+, does take a little adjustment, but once you figure out - excellent.

Totally worth the wait! [Ralph | Berlin GERMANY]

I received my two NotNodis last week and they work great! Totally worth the wait! Can't wait for my next longhaul flight (never imagined myself saying this). I also appreciate the communication with the creator. It is obvious that Nicole really put her heart into the product and this KS campaign and I wish her and the NotNodi the best of success! Thanks and hugs from Berlin!

Super happy [Brian | Connecticut USA]

Got my NotNodi's today! Super happy. I was just testing it out while at my computer and found that its absolutely perfect for watching videos at your desk :P. It wasn't my intended use but they are so comfortable I'll be using these around house and on the go now. Thanks again!

It was a game changer! ... by far, the best neck pillow I've tried. [Leanne | Ontario CANADA]

Tried in cars and on the plane during my recent trip to Costa Rica. It was a game changer! No sore neck, easy sleep....this is, by far, the best neck pillow I've tried. It even worked for my 8 year old when I adjusted the headband (he was pretty much folded up on the seat before I put this on him - while he slept - and he stopped waking up every time the car went around a bend). Awesome job Nicole! Literally can't wait for a kid version and possibly more to get as gifts for my parents :)

First time I've actually gotten a decent nap in on a flight [James | Strathfield NSW AUSTRALIA]

Tested on a 2-hr flight from Sydney to Hobart and then back the following week. First time I've actually gotten a decent nap in on a flight other than on a near-flat recliner or in business. And I've tried it all - toilet seat-shaped pillows, neck braces, special seat wing cushions - nothing else works! The guy I was sitting next to was also really impressed so I'm pretty sure you've another sale coming in. Thanks team!

Tested at home, and worked like a charm! [Clemente | SPAIN]

Just received mine couple of days ago. Quality materials are great, and the setup was easy, just following web instructions. Tested at home, and workd like a charm! No more neck pain in seated when Morfeo posses you. Looking forward to test it in a long trip flight next month! Nicole & Notnodi team, you did an awesome work! Congratulations!

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